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There are few things that you as a future Rottweiler owner should know and be aware of. A male Rottweiler will stand anywhere from 24 to 27 muscular inches at the shoulder; females run a bit smaller and lighter. From the Official Standard of the Rottweiler General Appearance: The ideal Rottweiler is a medium-large, robust and powerful dog, black with clearly defined rust markings. His compact and substantial build denotes great strength, agility, and endurance. So, when searching for rottweiler puppies for sale in Michigan, note that male Rotties are characteristically more massive throughout with larger frame and heavier bone than bitches. Bitches are distinctly feminine but without weakness of substance or structure

A well-bred and properly raised Rottie will be calm and confident, courageous but not unduly aggressive. This is why we recommend early training and socialization to develop a Rottieā€™s territorial instincts in a socially acceptable manner.

No matter how big your pup gets, they will always think that they are lap dogs so you should be ready to welcome your Rottie when you are watching TV or just hanging out on the couch.


Your Rottweiler is no doubt happiness for you and your family. Your heart starts beating when you watch him playing and jumping joyfully. The picture of running dog, who is the happiest critter in the whole world, just because you came home, can make you forget everything.

For sure that being a truly responsible owner you care about your Rottweiler and do everything for him to be healthy and happy.

Puppies are more sensitive to diseases than adult dogs. It's vital to follow all necessary precautions to protect your baby from various hazards. Of course if you aren't a professional vet, it's difficult sometimes to watch over everything. However, it may be extremely useful to know several general statements as for vaccination and dog immune system.

We do care about your dog! Starting with his comfort and up to his health and mood, Rottweilers are considered to be strong dogs with good health. However, this breed also has specific problems and deceases, like cancer, heart or skin deceases. No no no, I don't want to let you down with my letter, no way. That's why I would like to focus not on the problems, that may occur, but instead on preventive measures that will help you to have happy and healthy four-legged member of the family.

There is no need to explain why food is so important to have perfect health. Of course, being a caring owner you understand that stale products are harmful for dogs. On the other side, some owners are feeding their Rottweilers with best possible food available in the market. Be careful!! Not every dog food commercials can be safely implemented in life. Check twice what is inside of the package and ask your vet, he will advice you what is really the best for your doggie.


Molosser dogs received special recognition from ancient Persians who thought these animals a symbol of wealth, prosperity and authority. Old Persian scientists and philosophers, including Zoroaster, saw fine ability to study in these dogs, but Ancient Romans put value upon well-developed fighting qualities of these dogs, their bravery, but as well as hard musculature and strong powerful skeleton: body composition of molossers preferably set them apart from other dogs and made them surely be superior in strength and rate of speed.

Molosser dogs, also known as Epirus ones, were used by Babylonians and Assyrians mainly for safe-keeping of dwellings and big-game hunting. It was a popular belief In Assyria that earthen small sculptures, representing mastiff similar dogs and which were placed at the entrance of the house, have a big magical power at that protecting the house from fiends.

According to the testimony of historians, Molosser dogs appeared in the territory of ancient Rome in 1 st century A.D., when troops under a leadership of Claudius August were moving on one of the ways leading to Europe. Roman legion participated in lasting military operations in the territory of Europe, Northern Africa and Asia Minor and in order to provide sufficient amount of food, legionaries took along cows, goats which followed an army moving to the sites of the battles.

Large mastifflike dogs, having wonderful patrol qualities, as a rule, were used for convoying and guarding of cattle.

When military trek was almost over, the livestock of caws and goats driven next to the troops were reduced and consequently there was no necessity for big number of dogs anymore. Thus, a considerable percentage of dogs belonging to the legionaries were given to inhabitants of that region which they passed, and molosses were gradually spreading over both farm settlements and cities. Period of this housing of mastiff-type representatives lasted for several centuries.


The rocky mountain contour laced with patches of highland grass has changed little since the Roman defeat of the native Caledonians in 83 A.D., and even today, the rugged topography presents a challenge for modern-day police to patrol. The local police jurisdiction is also responsible for an area called the Royal Deeside where Queen Elizabeth and her royal family stay when they return to enjoy the beauty of Scotland.

Chest-deep in water, Victoria shouted to the man to let Senga go, but he could not hear her. Fighting the strong incoming tide, Victoria swam under the bridge and came out the other side, but she was dressed in full police uniform and wore two large heavy boots that impeded her progress. The river was quite deep in parts, and the weight of her full body armor made it impossible to swim out to her dog. She fought to keep her head and shoulders above water in the swift tide and finally found a large stone in the river bed to stand upon, but that was as far as she dared go.